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13934 Fables of Aesop, 1926, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 132pp, illustrated by M. Maitland Howard, London, John Lane the Bodley Head Limited, name on endpapers, slightly stained pages. E 10,- 

10546 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 2005, 1st edition, boards+dj, 607pp, Bloomsbury, Children's Edition, fine copy, pakket E 7,- 

5877 Wild West / Buffalo Bill, c.1950, 1st edition, pocket, 6 Gold Star books E 20,- 

4996 Adams R., Shardik, 1975, 3rd edition, boards+sl.damaged dj, 526pp, pakket E 7,- 

14928 Anderson S., Winesburg, Ohio, Penguin Books, 1946, 1e druk, pocket, 183pp E 5,- 

0881 AUDEN W.H., the Faber book of aforisms, 1962, 1e druk, cloth, 406pp E 5,- 

1117 Ballard J.G., War fever, 1990, 1e druk, karton+omslag, 176pp, z.g.a.n. E 15,- 

11911 Barbery M., The Elegance of the Hedgehog, 2009, 11e druk, paperback met flappen, z.g.a.n. E 6,- 

1112 Baxter G., The Billiard Table Murders. A Gladys Babbington Morton mystery, 1991, 11e druk, paperback, gr.8vo, 246pp, with numerous illustrations E 7,- 

4921 Bellow S., The Dean's December. A novel, 1982, 1st edition, boards, 312pp E 5,- 

5734 Boyd W., Restless, 2006, 1e druk, paperback, 325pp, boekblok scheef (scheefgelezen). E 6,- 

0838 Boyle T.C., The Inner Circle, 2004, 1st edition, boards, 418pp E 6,- 

7546 Brien E. 'o, Night, 1972, 1st edition, im. leather+damaged dj, kl.8vo, 151pp E 4,- 

13111 Brightman C. (ed.), Between friends. The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy 1949 - 1975, 1995, 1e druk, paperback, 412pp E 8,- 

1709 Brown D., The Da Vinci code, 2003, 1st edition, boards+sl.damaged dj, gr.8vo, 454pp, N.Y., Doubleday, april 2003, pakket E 10,- 

6179 Brown D., The Da Vinci code, 2003, 1st edition, boards+sl.damaged dj, gr.8vo, 454pp, N.Y., Doubleday, april 2003, l.signs of usage, pakket E 8,- 

0898 BUCK P.S., the Bondmaid, 1949, 1st edition, cloth, E 7,- 

2473 BUCK P.S., Command the morning, 1959, 1st edition, boards, 270pp, back faded. E 6,- 

0367 BUCK P.S., The good earth, 1934, 12th edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, kl.8vo, 339pp, pakket E 5,- 

9472 BUCK P.S., Imperial woman, 1956, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, 402pp E 9,- 

3442 BUCK P.S., The Patriot, GROS, 1939, 1st edition, cloth, 374pp E 7,- 

0897 BUCK P.S., Peony, 1948, 2nd edition, cloth, uncut E 4,- 

3080 BUCK P.S., Portrait of a marriage, 1945, 2nd edition, cloth, 224pp E 4,- 

1221 Bukowski Ch., Bring me your love, 1992, 8e druk, geniet, kl.4vo, 15pp, ills. E 6,- 

4005 BYRON M., A day with Omar Khayyam, (1914), 1st edition, boards, Hodder&Stoughton E 15,- 

12733 BYRON M., A day with Alfred Lord Tennyson, ca.1915, 1st edition, boards, Hodder&Stoughton, achterplat iets vochtig geweest, schutblad(met portret?) ontbreekt E 6,- 

2460 CALDWELL E., Certain women, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1958, 2nd edition, cloth+dj E 6,- 

0902 CALDWELL E., Georgia boy, 1943, 1st edition, cloth+dj, New York, Grosset & Dunlap E 10,- 

2464 CALDWELL E., Georgia boy, 1947, 1st edition, cloth+dj, London, The Falcon Press Ltd E 5,- 

9466 CALDWELL E., Tobacco road, 1947, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, kl.8vo, 241pp, gevl. E 5,- 

5458 CAPOTE T., In cold blood. A True Account of a Multiple Murder and its Consequences, 1966, 1st edition, boards+damaged dj, 284pp, London, Hamish Hamilton E 25,- 

14971 Carnac C., A double for detection, c.1950, 1st edition, linnen+besch.omslag, kl.8vo, 192pp E 5,- 

15432 CARROLL L., Alice's adventures in wonderland, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1933, 1st edition, cloth+dj, kl.8vo, 162pp, with 8 coloured and several bl./w. ills. by Arthur Rackham, back stained, name on endpapers, pakket E 25,- 

10341 Carroll L., The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll, 1993, 1st edition, boards, 934pp, with numerous illustrations, pakket E 7,- 

3647 Chandra V., Sacred games, 2006, 1st edition, paperback, 900pp, signs of usage, scheurtje bovenin, pakket E 5,- 

0903 CHESTERTON G.K., the Ball and the cross, 1928, 5th edition, cloth E 4,- 

10796 CHESTERTON G.K., The Father Brown stories, 1947, th revised edition, cloth+damaged dj, 704pp, London, Casssel and Company, pakket E 6,- 

8128 Clarke A.C., 3001. The final odyssey, 1997, 1st edition, boards, 276pp, fine copy E 6,- 

4180 Clarke A.C., Sunstorm. A time odyssey: 2, 2005, 1st edition, boards+dj, 330pp, fine copy E 10,- 

14986 Cole M., The Webbs and their work, 1949, 1st edition, cloth, 304pp, London, Frederick Muller, with contributions by Bernard Shaw, Lord Beveridge, Desmond MacCarthy, Kingsley Martin a.o. E 5,- 

14987 Cole M.I. (ed), Beatrice Webb's diaries 1912 - 1924, London, Longmans, Green & Co, 1952, 1st edition, cloth, 272pp E 10,- 

6411 Coonts S., Flight of the Intruder, 1987, 2nd edition, boards+dj, 330pp E 7,- 

14585 Coward N., The collected stories, 1983, 1st edition, hcloth+dj, 630pp, N.Y., E.P.Dutton, pakket E 8,- 

10816 Cowper W., The poetical works of William Cowper, 1924, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, kl.8vo, 536pp, Macmillan and Co E 7,- 

4915 Cunliffe M. (ed), American literature since 1900, 1988, 1st edition, pocket, 489pp, pakket E 4,- 

10155 Dahl R., Dirty Beasts, 1986, 1st edition, ingenaaid, gr.8vo, 30pp, ills. E 5,- 

5595 DAHL R., Kiss kiss, 1960, 1st edition, cloth+damaged dj, 235pp, London, Michael Joseph, name on endpapers, top of cover discolored, slightly stained pages. E 50,- 

5819 DAHL R., My uncle Oswald, 1980, 1e druk, halflinnen+omslag, New York, Alfred A.Knopf E 18,- 

0920 DAHL R., My uncle Oswald, 1979, 1st edition, boards+dj, London, Michael Joseph, name on endpapers E 18,- 

5889 Dickens Ch., A christmas carol, 1915, 1st edition, cloth, 148pp, London, William Heinemann, with 12 tipped-in colour ills. and 18 bl.w. ills. by Arthur Rackham, slightly stained pages., corners on front- & backside stained otherwise fine copy E 125,- 

13997 Dickens Ch., A christmas carol, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1933, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 147pp, with 8 colour ills. and 18 bl.w. ills. by Arthur Rackham, , some damage top spine, back discoloured, pakket E 50,- 

1094 Dickens Ch., The Letters of Charles Dickens. Volume six 1850-1852, 1988, 1st edition, cloth+dj, 909pp, Oxford, Clarendon Press, The Pilgrim Edition, vg/fine, pakket E 40,- 

0929 DICKENS CH., Oliver Twist, ca.1970, 1st edition, im. leather E 5,- 

12157 Dickens Ch., The personal history and experience of David Copperfield the younger, 1930, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 819pp, London, MacMillan, a reprint of the first edition1850 with the illustrations E 10,- 

0930 DICKENS CH., the Personal history of David Copperfield, ca.1965, 1st edition, cloth, 826pp, MOGELIJK REEDS VERKOCHT E 5,- 

10617 Dickens Ch., A tale Of Two Cities, 1991, 1st edition, karton+omslag, kl.8vo, 358pp, met talrijke ills., tekst op schutblad, z.g.a.n. E 7,- 

9847 Dickens Ch. (over), The Dickens house. Guide and illustrated souvenir, ca.1960, 1st edition, stapled, 16pp, with photos E 4,- 

6502 Dorozynski A., The man they wouldn't let die, 1965, 1st edition, cloth, 207pp, with photographs E 10,- 

0932 ELIOT T.S., the Coctail party, 1950, 1st edition, cloth, London, Faber & Faber, endpapers missing E 7,- 

0940 FAULKNER W., Sanctuary, ca.1950, 1st edition, cloth, 'Modern Libr.' E 4,- 

6126 Fforde J., The Well of Lost Plots, 2003, 1st edition, boards+dj, 375pp, pakket E 8,- 

5852 Fletcher J.S., The Borgia cabinet, 1932, 1e druk, linnen, kl.8vo, 311pp, Herbert Jenkins, pakket E 8,- 

1096 Floyd P.L., The Silver Desoto, 1987, 1st edition, cloth+dj, kl.8vo, 257pp E 7,- 

0943 FORESTER C.S., the Good Shepherd, 1955, 3rd edition, cloth E 4,- 

11297 Fowles J., Wormholes. Essays and Occasional Writings, 1998, 1e druk, halflinnen+omslag, gr.8vo, 404pp, New York, Henry Holt, pakket E 15,- 

5694 Frayn M., Spies, 2002, 1e druk, paperback, 234pp, boekblok scheef (scheefgelezen). E 4,- 

0431 Freely M., Mother's help, 1979, 1e druk, karton+omslag, 369pp, pakket E 7,- 

14755 Gardner E.S., The case of the Waylaid Wolf, 1959, 1st edition, boards, kl.8vo, 176pp E 6,- 

6672 George E., In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner, 1999, 1st edition, boards, gr.8vo, 598pp, pakket E 8,- 

6445 Golding W., The pyramid, 1967, 1st edition, linnen+l.besch.omslag, kl.8vo, 217pp, London : Faber & Faber, schutblad ontbreekt, geplastificeerd E 4,- 

13928 Gosse E. (intr.), The Allies'Fairy book, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1916, 1st edition, boards, kl.8vo, 121pp, blind cover, with many coloured plates by Arthur Rackham, book has been stored in a moist environment so not all plates in perfect condition, text on endpapers E 15,- 

3445 GREENE G., The captain and the enemy, 1988, 1st edition, boards+dj, 192pp, fine copy E 10,- 

0098 GREENE G., The Comedians, 1966, 1st edition, cloth+dj, name on endpapers E 10,- 

3062 GREENE G., Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb party, BOD, 1980, 1st edition, cloth+dj, 144pp E 10,- 

5485 GREENE G., Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb party, BOD, 1980, 1st edition, cloth+dj, 144pp, aanbieding E 5,- 

4217 GREENE G., Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb party, BOD, 1980, 1st edition, cloth+dj, 144pp E 10,- 

2277 GREENE G., The heart of the matter, 1948, 1st edition, hcloth, 308pp, New York,The Viking Press E 20,- 

6764 GREENE G., The Honorary consul, BOD, 1973, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, 336pp, name on endpapers, pakket E 8,- 

6936 GREENE G., The Honorary consul, 1974, 1st edition, boards+sl.damaged dj, 253pp, pakket E 4,- 

3086 GREENE G., The Honorary consul, 1973, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, 336pp, pakket E 8,- 

6468 GREENE G., Our man in Havanna, 1960, 1st edition, boards+sl.damaged dj, kl.8vo, 223pp E 4,- 

0961 GREENE G., Travels with my aunt, BOD, 1969, 1st edition, cloth, 320pp, name on titlepage E 7,- 

4163 GRISHAM J., The Brethren, DOUB, 2000, 1st edition, boards+dj, 368pp, fine copy E 7,- 

1146 Grisham J., The client, 1993, 1e druk, karton+omslag, 422pp, ISBN: 9780712654494, pakket E 5,- 

12166 Habberton J., Helen's babies, ca.1910, 1e druk, cloth, kl.8vo, 181pp, London, Ward,Lock & Co, met kl.ill., stained pages., pakket E 7,- 

4903 Hardy Th., Treasury of Thomas Hardy. Tess of the D'Urbervilles / the Mayor of Casterbridge / Far from the Madding Crowd, 1988, 1e druk, boards+dj, 735pp, pakket E 5,- 

0965 HEMINGWAY E., A farewell to arms, 1948, 16th edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj E 5,- 

4661 HENDERSON A., Table-talk of G.B.S. Conversations on things in general between Bernard Shaw and his biographer, CHA, 1925, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 192pp, ills. E 12,- 

11805 Henty G.A., The curse of Carne's Hold. A tale of adventure, ca.1900, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 356pp, London, Griffith and Farran, goldplated, l.signs of usage, pakket E 35,- 

9299 Hickam H., The ambassador's son, 2005, 1st edition, boards, gr.8vo, 337pp E 7,- 

9277 Holt Giles J., The believers, 1957, 1st edition, boards+sl.damaged dj, 214pp E 6,- 

13804 Horler S., Lord of terror. A Paul Vivanti story, 1935, 2nd edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 252pp, London, Collins 48 Pall Mallslightly stained pages. E 7,- 

2927 HUXLEY A., BEDFORD S. - Aldous Huxley. A biography. Vol. 2 1939 - 1963, 1974, 1st edition, boards, 380pp, ills(f),with extensive index, upper side back sl.damaged E 7,- 

2470 HUXLEY A., Beyond the Mexique Bay, CHAT, 1934, 1st edition, cloth, 320pp, ills(f), l.foxing E 20,- 

14929 Huxley A., Brief candles, 1931, 1st edition, linnen, kl.8vo, 324pp, London, Chatto and Windus E 5,- 

2457 HUXLEY A., The devils of Loudun, 1952, 1st edition, cloth, London, Chatto & Windus, ills., l.signs of usage E 10,- 

5551 HUXLEY A., The devils of Loudun, 1952, 1st edition, cloth, London, Chatto & Windus, ills., remains of a sticker on back E 10,- 

6932 HUXLEY A., Eyeless in Gaza, 1949, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 619pp, London, Chatto&Windus, corner cut from endpaper E 5,- 

2456 HUXLEY A., Texts & pretexts. An anthology with commentaries, 1933, 1st edition, cloth, New York, Harper & Brothers, pages uncut E 12,- 

5721 Irving J., Until I Find You, 2005, 1st edition, boards+dj, 824pp, fine copy, pakket E 12,- 

15436 Irving W., Rip Van Winkle, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1919, 1st edition, cloth, gr.8vo, 62pp, with 42 (of 50) tipped-in colour plates by Arthur Rackham, name on endpapers, pakket E 50,- 

12187 Jacobs W.W., Sea whispers, ca.1925, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 312pp, London: Hodder and Stoughton, back sl.stained, slightly stained pages., ills., pakket E 10,- 

12216 James P.D., A Certain Justice, 1997, 1st edition, boards+dj, 390pp, Faber and Faber, pakket E 7,- 

12219 James P.D., The Lighthouse, 2005, 1st edition, boards+dj, 415pp, Faber and Faber, fine copy, pakket E 8,- 

12218 James P.D., The murder room, 2003, 1st edition, boards+dj, 415pp, N.Y., Alfred A.Knopf, pakket E 8,- 

12220 James P.D., Original Sin, 1994, 1st edition, boards+dj, 426pp, Faber and Faber, with an extensive dedication of the author, pakket E 12,- 

12221 James P.D., The private patient, 2008, 1st edition, boards+dj, 395pp, Canada, Alfred A.Knopf E 9,- 

7991 Joyce J., Dubliners, 2001, 1st edition, paperback, 170pp, fine copy E 4,- 

3411 KING S., Firestarter, 1980, 1st edition, boards+dj, 428pp E 7,- 

3278 KINGSLEY CH., The water babies, ca.1920, 1st edition, cloth, 308pp, illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith E 23,- 

2676 Kipling R., The jungle books, 1948, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, kl.8vo, 454pp, Doubleday&Comp, with bl./w. and color ills. by Aldren Watson E 12,- 

0975 KIPLING R., Toomai of the elephants, 1937, 1st edition, cloth, ills,endpapers missing E 4,- 

1769 KOSINSKI J., Cockpit, 1975, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, 258pp, Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, front slightly stained cover E 14,- 

3694 KOSINSKI J., The devil tree, 1973, 1st edition, hcloth+dj, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc., NewYork E 22,- 

2475 KOSINSKI J., Steps, 1968, 1st edition, hcloth+sl.damaged dj, Random House, uncut E 25,- 

12150 Krementz J., Writers and their familiars. A book of postcards, 1997, 1e druk, paperback, kl.8vo, met talrijke foto's, San Fransisco, Pomegranate E 5,- 

11919 Kurtz G., Practicing. A Musician's Return to Music, 2007, 1e druk, paperback, 238pp, fine copy E 6,- 

6266 Lahr J., Automatic Vaudeville. Essays on star turns, 1984, 1e druk, paperback, 242pp E 5,- 

11906 Lamott A., Crooked Little Heart, 1998, 1e druk, paperback E 5,- 

0987 LASKI M., Little boy lost, 1958, 7th edition, boards+dj E 4,- 

0988 LAWRENCE D.H., Women in love, ca.1950, 7th edition, cloth, 554pp, 'Modern Libr.' E 5,- 

10694 Legman G. (ed), The limmerick / More limmericks, 1969/80, 7th edition, boards+dj, 1246pp, pakket E 20,- 

10350 Lindbergh A.M., Earth shine, 1969, 1st edition, boards+damaged dj, kl.4vo, 73pp, London, Chatto&Windus, name on endpapers E 7,- 

13749 Longfellow, Longfellow's poems, ca.1890, 1st edition, halflinnen, 4vo, 80pp, geillustreerd door sir John Gilbert, London, George Routledge & Sons E 15,- 

0994 MACLEAN A., the Golden gate, 1976, 1st edition, boards+dj E 4,- 

3042 MACLEAN A., Goodbye California, 1977, 1st edition, boards+dj, 322pp, pakket E 4,- 

3471 MACLEAN A., Puppet on a chain, 1969, 1st edition, boards+dj E 4,- 

10760 Mansfield K., Selected stories, 1954, 1st edition, linnen+l.besch.omslag, kl.8vo, 364pp, London, Oxford University Press E 4,- 

2690 Masefield J., Salt-water poems and ballads, 1930, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 163pp, with bl./w & col.ills. by Chas.Pears, name on titlepage, titkle on spine faded E 8,- 

1149 Matthiessen P., On the river Styx, 1989, 1e druk, karton+omslag, 190pp E 7,- 

2474 MAUGHAM W.S., Ten novels and their authors, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1954, 1st edition, cloth, 306pp E 12,- 

0997 MAUGHAM W.S., Then and now, WIL, 1946, 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, London, W.Heinemann Ltd., dj slightly damaged,name on endpapers E 10,- 

2928 MAUGHAM W.S., A Writer's notebook, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1949, 1st edition, cloth+damaged dj, 352pp E 8,- 

1000 MAURIER D. du, Jamaica Inn, SUN, 1937, 1st edition, cloth, 332pp, New York, The Sun Dial Press Inc., let.besch, uncut, pakket E 10,- 

1089 McCullough C., The first man in Rome, 1990, 1st edition, hcloth+dj, 896pp, New York, William Morrow and Company, mooi ex, pakket E 12,- 

1148 McMillan T., Waiting to exhale, 1992, 1e druk, karton+l.besch.omslag, 366pp, ISBN: 9780385403184, pakket E 7,- 

3434 MILLER H., the air-conditioned nightmare (volume one), 1947, 1e druk, cloth, 292pp, z.slightly stained pages. E 20,- 

1005 MILLER H., the Books in my life, 1952, 1st edition, cloth, London, Peter Owen Ltd., slightly stained cover, pakket E 16,- 

1084 Miller H., Opus Pistorum, 1984, 1st edition, boards+dj, 288pp, London, W.H.Allen E 10,- 

12181 Milne A.A., The house at Pooh corner, 1946, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 178pp, illustrated by E.H.Shepard, N.Y.,E.P.Dutton, name on endpapers E 5,- 

5067 MILTON J., The poetical works of Milton. Volume II. Containing Paradise regain'd; Samson Agonistes; and, poems upon several occasions. With The life of Milton, 1755, 1st edition, leather, kl.8vo, 384pp E 125,- 

3600 MOLESWORTH M RS., Carrots: Just a little boy, London, MacMillan & Co, 1904, 1st edition, cloth, 248pp, illustrated by W.Crane, first or second edition with (full page) W.Crane ills, nice copy, pakket E 15,- 

10616 Moore S., We love Harry Potter!, 1999, 1st edition, paperback, 117pp, fine copy E 6,- 

11917 Murray W., Fortissimo: Backstage At The Opera With Sacred Monsters And Young Singers, 2005, 1st edition, paperback, 273pp E 5,- 

2467 NAIPAUL V.S., The return of Eva Perón. With the killings in Trinidad, 1980, 1st edition, cloth+dj, 230pp, London, André Deutsch, name on endpapers E 12,- 

8210 Newbolt H. (ed.), Robert Browning, ca.1925, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 540pp E 5,- 

5636 Ondaatje M., Anil's ghost, 2000, 1e druk, karton+omslag, gr.8vo, 311pp, z.g.a.n. E 10,- 

6479 Palin M., Hemingway's chair, 1995, 1e druk, karton+omslag, 280pp, z.g.a.n. E 6,- 

6940 Patterson J., Beach road, 2006, 1st edition, paperback, 308pp, leaning bookblock. E 7,- 

1172 Perutz L., Leonardo's Judas, 1989, 1st edition, boards+dj, 154pp, London, Collins Harvill, translated from the German, fine copy E 7,- 

1145 Perutz L., The swedish cavalier, 1992, 1st edition, boards, 181pp, Translated from the German, fine copy E 7,- 

9120 Pierre D.B.C., Vernon God Little, 2003, 1e druk, karton+omslag, 279pp E 8,- 

4208 POE E.A., The city in the sea and other poems, A'dam, Bezige Bij, (1944), 1st edition, stiched, 36pp, clandestien, nr.287 of 500 nrd.ex., uncut., De Jong 665, cover loose, bottom back damaged E 15,- 

12086 Poe E.A., The Complete Tales and Poems of -.-, ca.1940, 1st edition, cloth+damaged dj, 1026pp, N.Y., The Modern Library, pakket E 7,- 

12259 Pyle E., Last chapter, 1946, 1st edition, cloth, N.Y., Henry Holt, name on endpapers E 8,- 

5867 Renault M., The praise singer, 1978, 1e druk, kunstleer+besch.omslag, 254pp, naam op schutblad E 6,- 

4846 REYNOLDS M.E., Memories of John Galsworthy by his sister, 1936, 1st edition, hcloth, 128pp, parchment spine, blue cloth sides, with 25 b/w plates, some foxing E 10,- 

5349 Roth J., The story of the hundred days, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1936, 1e druk, linnen, kl.8vo, 290pp, licht roestvlekkige pagina's., pakket E 20,- 

15433 ROWLING J.K., Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 2007, 1st edition, boards, kl.8vo, 608pp, London, Bloomsbury, pakket E 5,- 

4077 ROWLINGS J.K., Harry Potter and the half-blood prince, 2005, 1st edition, boards+dj, 608pp, London, Bloomsbury, Adult Edition E 8,- 

14732 Rumbold H., Final recollections of a diplomatist, 1905, 1st edition, cloth, 408pp, London, Edward Arnold, 1 schutblad ontbreekt, slightly stained pages., about the authors visits to Amsterdam, very rare, pakket E 35,- 

1086 Rushdie S., Shame, 1983, 3rd edition, boards+dj, 287pp E 8,- 

14747 Saroyan W., Boys and girls together, 1963, 1st edition, boards+dj, 191pp, London, Peter Davies E 9,- 

6444 Scott W., The Bride of Lammermoor, 1966, 1st edition, boards+dj, kl.8vo, 342pp E 5,- 

11036 Scott W., Ivanhoe, D.Bolle, ca.1900, th revised edition, cloth, gr.8vo, 501pp, with photographs, met talrijke gravures, uitstekend ex bibl.ex., aanhechting schutbladen met tape verstevigd, resten plastic op binnenkant platten aanwezig, name on endpapers, pakket E 15,- 

7021 Scott W., Ivanhoe, ca.1930, th revised edition, leather, kl.8vo, 486pp, with photographs, back damaged, name on endpapers E 5,- 

12151 Seth V., The golden gate, 1986, 3e druk, karton+omslag, z.g.a.n. E 6,- 

11918 Shaffer M.A. e.a., The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society, 2009, 3e druk, paperback, 290pp, fine copy E 6,- 

10500 Shakespeare W., The complete works of William Shakespeare. with an essay on Shakespeare and Bacon by Henry Irving and a biographical introduction, ca.1900, 3e druk, leather, 1312pp, London, Collin's Clear-Type Press, with 68 photographs and 20 col.ills., cover repaired but edges a little loose, pakket E 20,- 

11693 Shakespeare W., Outlines to Shakspeare's Tempest: A series of twelve plates; with [selections From] the text in English, German, French and Italian, [1836], 3e druk, cloth, folio, illustrated by H.C.Selous, London, A.Schloss, stained pages., back repaired, etchings clean E 40,- 

1160 Sharpe T., Vintage stuff, 1982, 1st edition, boards+dj, 220pp, London, Secker and Warburg E 7,- 

1158 Sharpe T., Wilt on high, 1984, 1st edition, boards+dj, 236pp, London, Secker and Warburg E 6,- 

5648 Shaw B., Caesar and Cleopatra. A history, 1908, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 216pp, l.signs of usage E 5,- 

2821 Shaw B., Translations and Tomfooleries, 1926, 2nd edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 246pp, uncut., stained pages. E 6,- 

2455 SHAW I., Lucy Crown, 1956, 1st edition, boards+dj, name on endpapers, slightly stained pages. E 9,- 

10754 Shute N., Stephen Morris, 1961, 1st edition, hcloth+sl.damaged dj, 303pp, name on endpapers, slightly stained pages. E 15,- 

7568 Sinclair U., Co-op. A novel of living together, 1936, 1st edition, cloth, 415pp, London, T.Werner Laurie Ltd., slightly stained pages., pakket E 15,- 

4861 Stansell Chr., American moderns. Bohemian New York and the creation of a new century, 2000, 1st edition, boards+dj, 420pp, with photographs, pakket E 12,- 

6489 STEINBECK J., the Pastures of heaven, 1946, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 160pp, name on endpapers E 4,- 

1042 STEINBECK J., the Pastures of heaven, 1946, 1st edition, cloth E 4,- 

2458 STEINBECK J., Sweet Thursday, W.Heinemann Ltd, 1954, 1st edition, cloth, slightly stained pages E 12,- 

3039 STEINBECK J., Tortilla Flat, GROS, 1935, 1st edition, cloth, kl.8vo, 320pp, illustrated by Ruth Gannett, ills.,slightly stained cover E 12,- 

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